Legendary taste
since 1855


Apple sweet

Rich fragrance with hints of ripe fall harvest apples, with a pleasant sparkling flavor and a long velvet aftertaste
5,5 % vol

Traditional English cider has been known since 1855 and since then the recipe has not changed a lot. According to old traditions, Chester's cider is performed by a traditional method of fresh apples fermentation.


apple semi dry

Apple semi dry

Soft, refined, sweet flavor, with light and pleasant dryness in aftertaste
5,5 % vol

A semi-dry apple CHESTER`S cider is a magnificent replacement to semi-dry and dry wines. Only fresh apples are used for the ciders production. An unobtrusive fragrance of the cider indicates our dedication to the classic recipes of dry sort’s ciders manufacturing.


pear sweet

Pear Sweet

An amber sparkling beverag has a duchess pear`s flavor and a fruity-caramel aftertaste.
5,5 % vol

A clear, sweet and refreshing CHESTERS poire is made of fermented pear juice. Only fresh apples are used for the ciders production.



A gently sweet taste with a rich ripe cherry scent and cherrystones hints in aftertaste.
5,5 % vol

Due to the recipe and technology of brewing cherry cider, we managed to achieve the taste and flavor of home fruit wine in the product.



Well-balanced, refreshing, rich taste with hints of forest blueberries.
5,5 % vol

The unique recipe was created especially for CHESTER’S The fragrance reflects the whole fullness of north forest berries flavor, particularly brightly feels the aroma of ripe blueberries. A blueberry juice makes the drink especially softy and refined.

Chester's story

In medieval times, the British planted gardens and cultivated special varieties of apple trees to make cider, at first in monasteries, than in private properties. Later, developing the New World, they carried with themselves the production technology. Until now, England values its tradition of the cider production. English cider makers store the traditions carefully control the process of noble taste birth Chester's.

Chester's secret

It all starts in an orchard. That’s where, among spreading apple orchards crowns with juicy fruits, the fresh taste of Chester`s cider is born. Its particular character is revealed due to sweet sour varieties of apples that give the drink a refreshing taste filled with pure fruit aroma and sweet aftertaste.

Our secret is simple – we maintain the traditions and produce Chester's cider according to the traditional method of fresh apples fermentation.

Chester's process


September and October are the traditional months of apple harvest. Traditionally for ciders production sweet and sour sorts of apple are used at the same time. Sweet sorts are used as a base of the drink; sour apples make cider taste sharp.


Sorted apples are sent to press. Thanks to powerful press the juice becomes amber-colored and transparent.


The juice is fermented according to the traditional method without adding any alcohol in it. The entire process takes place in large stainless steel tanks with automated temperature control system. The final product is filtered.


Sugar and natural juices are added to the already fermented and filtered juice to obtain the final taste of cider. Aeration completes the process of creating cider.

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